Velocity Frequent Flyer

Get a bonus of up to 30% on Velocity point transfers

Velocity Frequent Flyer has launched a surprise transfer bonus promotion, offering up to 30% on points transferred from Credit Cards. While Velocity have sometimes extended promotions, this promotion is different to the transfer offer that ran through November.

There are a couple of significant differences. First up, the maximum bonus of 30% is somewhat higher than previous offerings. The second difference carries the sting – the offer is tiered. To get the full 30% bonus you need to transfer points that convert to more than 250,000 Velocity Points.

As for eligible transfer dates, the bonus will apply to transfers initiated between November 1 and November 10, 2017.

Transfer rates

The full transfer scale is

  • 1-50,000 Velocity Points = 15% Bonus
  • 50,001-100,000 Velocity Points = 20% Bonus
  • 100,001-250,000 Velocity Points = 25% Bonus
  • 250,000+ Velocity Points = 30% Bonus

Eligible Cards

As with many of these bonus offers, not all cards are eligible for the bonus. The eligible card programs are American Express, ANZ rewards, HSBC, Citi, NAB, Diners Club, Suncorp, BOQ and Card Services reward credit card. This excludes cards from the likes of Commonwealth Bank and Westpac.

Further information on this promotion can be found here.

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