About Fly Stay Points

I like to travel, and to do it in comfort. I am not a backpacker, and I am also not a business traveller. But I do look for value in travel, and want to travel in as much comfort as I can, for as little as I can.

Travel is not free, and sometimes, it’s not even cheap – but there are ways to improve both the quality and the quantity of your travel. This site is dedicated to that – to allow you to make the most of your travel, whether that is by making your travel cheaper, or allowing you to travel in more luxury than you’d otherwise expect.

Fly Stay Points is a Web site dedicated to travel,  and using various travel loyalty program to improve your travel experience. Points are part of that – this is where the use of loyalty programs comes in. They have offers and promotions that can be leveraged. Of course, flying, hotels, and destinations are all part of travel, so we’ll include news on various aspects of those too..

With that in mind, Fly Stay Points sets out to

  1. Provide information on how to use loyalty programs to improve your travel,
  2. Highlight the best offers around for earning or burning your points
  3. Provide updates on new products and changes that may affect your travel