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Accor adds 6 new badges to the Places by Le Club AccorHotels

AccorHotels has rolled out six new badges in the Place by Le Club AccorHotels application. These appear to be the first new badges added since 5 additional badges were rolled out earlier this year.

New Badges

Badge Points Qualification
Ibis  100 3 Check-ins at Ibis hotels
Mariachi  200 5 check-ins in Mexico
Riad  200 5 check-ins in Morocco
Dolce vita  200 5 check-ins in Italy
American Dream  200 5 check-ins in the USA (50 main states only)
Oasis 200 5 check-ins in the United Arab Emirates


Places By Le Club AccorHotels

The Places By Le Club AccorHotels application allows members to earn points for earning badges. Badges are earned by completing virtual check-ins while you are staying at an AccorHotels properties.

When you are staying at an Accor property, you can open the App and register a check-in within the application. Once your stay has been regiestered as an eligible stay in your Le Club AccorHotels account, the ‘check’in’ will be validated, and the stay will be counted toward your badge earning.

As the approval provess requires the stay to post to your account, you do actually have to be staying at the property for it to count. You can’t just pop in for a coffee and have it count!

The application is avaiable from within Facebook, and is available for both iPhones and Android based phones. When using the apps on your phone, you will still need to authenticate through a Facebook account – there is no escape from needing a Facebook account.

When you first sign up to the Places App, you need to connect to your Le Club AccorHotels account. This is so they can check that you were staying at the hotel, and also deposit any points you obtain from badges.

Checking In

Once the application is set up you can go ahead and check-in to a hotel you are staying at. Normally you would do this while staying at the hotel, although you can check-in for up to a month after the stay.

Places by Le Club AccorHotels Check In

Places by Le Club AccorHotels Check In

Initially, the status will show as Pending. It will then either go to Approved or Rejected. Resons for it being rejected include no stay being recorded in your Le Club AccorHotels account. If you check-in multiple times, one of the check-in will be Approved, while the others will be Rejected.


The applkication awards Badges, and these are based on achieving a certain number of check-ins  against a number of criteria. This may include staying a certain number of times at a particular brand, or in a certain country. The following table lists the various Badges that are available.

Badge Description Points awarded
Welcomer First Check-in 50
Fan 5 Check-ins at 5 different hotels 300
Lover 10 Check-ins at 10 different hotels 500
Super Member 15 Check-ins in 3 months 1500
Addicted 3 Check-ins at the same hotel 300
Collector 5 badges received 500
Afficianado 10 badges received 1000
Ambassador 15 badges received 1500
Addict 30 Check-ins at 30 different hotels 1500
Airport 10 Check-ins at hotels located near airports 200
Holiday Maker 3 Check-ins at resort hotels 500
Cosmopolite 5 Check-ins in 3 different countries 200
Poland 5 Check-ins in Poland 300
World Citizen Check-ins in 10 countries 500
Kangaroo 5 Check-ins in Australia 500
La Vie en Rose 5 Check-ins in Paris 200
Siam Smiles 5 Check-ins in Thailand 200
Samba 5 Check-ins in Brazil 200
Oriental Explorer 3 Check-ins in China 200
German Trip 5 Check-ins in Germany 200
London Style 5 Check-ins in London 200
Novotel Enthusiast 3 Check-ins at Novotel hotel 200
Memorable Traveller 2 Check-ins at MGallery hotels 500
Happy Traveller 3 Check-ins at Ibis Styles hotels 100
Enthusiastic Traveller 3 Check-ins at Mercure hotels 150
Magnifique Traveller 3 Check-ins at Sofitel hotels 800
Design your journey 3 Check-ins at Pullman hotels 500
Holiday Maker 3 Check-in at Resort Hotels 500
Golf 1 Check-in at a golfing hotel 500
Birdie 2 Check-ins at golfing hotels 300
The Sebel 3 Check-ins at The Sebel hotels 500
So Sofitel 3 Check-ins at So Sofitel hotels 500
Mama Shelter 3 Check-ins at Mama Shelter hotels 500
Spa Lover 3 Check-ins at spa hotels 300
 Happy New Year  1 Check-in on January 1 100
 Fashion Week  1 Check-in during the London, Paris, Milan or New York Fashion Week 100
 Carnival  1 Check-in during the carnival in Rio, Paris or Nice 100
 Tennis Gran Slam  1 Check-in during a Gran Slam tournamen 100
 Film Festival  1 Check-in during the Olympic games 100


The points offered by Places by Le Club AccorHotels are Reward Points, rather than Status Points.

Further information on the Places By Le Club AccorHotels can be found on the AccorHotels website.

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