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Earn 15% Bonus Velocity Points when transferring from Flybuys by Feb 22

Flybuys 15% Velocity Bonus

The popular Flybuys offer of a bonus 15% Velocity Points when transferring points between the two programs is on again. Members of Flybuys transferring their points by February 22 will receive a 15% bonus on the transfer.

On top of that, Velocity have offered some members an 18% bonus on transfers by February 14. This is the highest transfer rate between the two programs that has been on offer.

Flybuys transfers to Velocity

Linked members are able to transfer Flybuys points to Velocity. This normally occurs at a rate of 2,000 Flybuys points buying you 870 Velocity Point.

During the 15% bonus promotion, the same 2,000 Flybuys points will transfer at around 1,000 Velocity Points. Even better, the bonus points normally post at the time the transfer is made. This is normally a very quick process. If you have your eyes on a redemption, this can be a quick way of getting points across to your account.

There is a limit to the number of points that you can transfer from Flybuys each year. At present, this is set to a total of 138,000 Flybuys points. Under the normal transfer rate, this will yield 60,030 Velocity Points. If the bonus is taken into account, the will transfer at 69,000 points.

Additional 3% bonus

It is even better for those that have received the 18% bonus offer. In total they will be receiving 1,180 Velocity Points for their 2,000 Flybuys points. Unfortunately, these members will need to wait an extra 4 weeks for their additional 3%. Velocity will be including the 15% in the initial transfer and adding the additional 3% at a later date.

Flybuys 18%

Flybuys 18%

This bonus has been offered in an email sent to Velocity members. It is worth checking your emails to see if this bonus applies to you.

Keep in mind that the 18% bonus only applies to transfers made by February 14. Any transfers made between February 15 and February 22 will only get the 15% bonus. While there is often some advantage in delaying the transfer as long as possible, keep in mind these different end dates.

Transferring flybuys points to Velocity is a good way of boosting your Velocity balance. It may be worth doing if you have a redemption in mind.


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