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FlyBuys double Status Credits

Through December, FlyBuys and Velocity are running a Double Status credit promotion. This will offer members 2 Status Credits for each $100 of spend, up from the usual 1 Status Credit for each $100 of spend.

The normal spend meximum of $1,000 per month will still apply during the promotion period. As a result, the normal maximum of 10 status credits per month will increase to 20 status credits.

Earning Status Credits

Under the  partnership with FlyBuys, members linking their FlyBuys and Velocity accounts  can earn 1 Status Credit for each $100 of spend in eligible merchants each month. The spend is calculated by totaling the spend at Coles, Coles online, Liquorland and First Choice Liquor each month. As mentioned, only the first $1,000 of spend across the eligible retailers is counted.

Bonus Offer

During December that standard earn is being boosted to 2 Status Credits for each $100. The normal spending limit of $1,000 per month will still apply. This means that during December, members stand to earn up to 20 Status Credits from their spend.

The offer is available to any members that have linked their FlyBuys and Velocity accounts. If you have not linked your accounts, you will need to first link your accounts. After linking your accounts, Status Credits are offered only on spend from the day of linking.

So, if you were to link today, any spend earlier in the month will not count. Linking accounts does not affect any other aspect of earning through FlyBuys, so there is little reason not to do it.


The full details of the offer are:

Velocity Frequent Flyer members must link their Velocity membership to their flybuys household to earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits. For the promotional period 1 December 2017 to 31 December 2017 the earn rate for Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits will be 2 Status Credits for every $100 spent (including GST) each calendar month in total across Coles, Coles Online, Liquorland and First Choice Liquor. No part Status Credits will be allocated, only whole Status Credits per $100 spend. The Velocity Frequent Flyer member linked to the flybuys program membership (as at the end of the calendar month) will be awarded the Status Credits. The nominated linked member may earn up to a maximum of 20 Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits per calendar month. Spend excludes tobacco and tobacco related products, charity donations and gift card purchases. Please allow up to 2 weeks after the end of each calendar month for your Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits to be credited. Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits will not appear on your flybuys statement; see your Velocity account for your total Status Credit balance. Velocity members also need to fly on Virgin Australia marketed flights to earn Eligible Sectors in addition to Status Credits to upgrade or maintain a new level of membership.


Previous Double Status Credits Promotions

Date Offer
1 Apr 2017 – 30 Apr 2016 Double Status Credits (2 Status Credits for each $100 spend per month)
1 Nov 2016 – 31 Dec 2016 Double Status Credits (2 Status Credits for each $100 spend per month)

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