Buy Hilton Honors Points with an 80% bonus


If you have been looking for a cheap way to buy Hilton Honors points, there is a new offer out now. Hilton Honors have kicked off their last promotion of the year  – and it is offering a bonus of 80% on the number of points purchased

Current Offer (to December 29, 2017)

Hilton Honors is running a promotion offering a bonus of 80% when buying 10,000 or more points. For most members, the maximum number of points that can be purchased is 80,000. This comes at a cost of US$800. Th 80% bonus will add 64,000 points to this, bringing the total to 144,000 points

The current promotion runs through to December 29. You can access the promotion through this page. You can click through Buy Honors Points now link, which will ask you to login to your account, and then take you to the purchase page.

Why Buy Points?

Hilton Honors run occasional promotions offering points at a discounted rate. In some cases this is by selling them at a discount, and in other cases by offering bonus points on the purchase. Either way, the points are available at less than the standard 1 US cent per point that the are normally sold at.

An advantage of buying such discounted points is that it offers opportunities to obtain rooms at Hilton Hotels worldwide at discounted rates. This is achieved by buying an award night, rather than buying a room at the normal cash rate.

During times of bonus offers, it can allow nights to be purchased at a cheaper rate than can be achieved through a normal cash rate.

There are some caveats on that, however. Firstly, for a give hotel, you should run the numbers to see if it is worthwhile jumping through the various hoops to get the discount. Secondly, it is probably wise to have an immediate use in mind – the discount may not be worthwhile for a speculative redemption down the track.

A Note of award nights

Hilton Honors recently removed its previous system of categories for Award nights. This has resulted in the number of points required for any given night being more dynamic than it was in the past. Ultimately, this may affect the value that you can get from Award nights.

Another factor with redemption bookings is that under the Honors program, if you book a five night stay (with points), the fifth night is free. That is, you pay for four nights, and can stay a fifth for no extra points. Note that under the new Points and Cash system, if you add any cash component to the payment, you will lost the fifth night free benefit. This can swing the equation back towards a points redemption for a longer stay.

Keeping all that in mind, the best redemptions occur in hotels that have a low points requirement for redemption, but have a high cash price. In any case, while that is the best case, there is the possibility of extracting good value at other hotels that you may be interested in.

In summary, there is value to be extracted through this promotion, although you do need to do your maths first.


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