Le Club AccorHotels changes from 2017


From next year, Le Club AccorHotels will be making some changes (or in Le Club AccorHotels parlance, ‘evolving’) to the way status in the program is determined, as well as making changes to the timeframes that status is valid for.

Le Club AccorHotels has set up a page on their website dedicated to the change, and is worth a read to get the full details.

Status Calculation

In 2017, Le Club Accor Hotels will be introducing the concepts of Reward Points and Status Points. This is a change from the current situation, where all points are created equally, and are just Points.

Status in the Le Club AccorHotels programs is determined by reaching some set criteria, which are either earning a certain number of points in a twelve month period, or staying a certain number of nights. Under the changes, the number of nights required is not changing – however, Le Club AccorHotels is making significant changes to attaining status through points.

As mentioned, at present all points are created equally – so any point you earn counts towards status. It does not matter where those points come from – hotel stays, the Places application, or even by doing surveys, every point count towards status.

As of 2017, Le CLub AccorHotels introduced two types of points Status Points and Reward Points. Status Points are only earned through Hotel Stays, while Reward Points are earned through any type of activity (hotel stays, partner earn and so on)

The following graphic shows this.


It’s not all bad news – to help compensate for the move toward Status Points, Accor will be lowering the number of points required to reach a status threshold. While, there is a reduction, it does not go all the way to compensating for the change in the calculation methodolgy. This changes to thresholds are shown below:

Accor Status Threshold

This effectively means that the Status Points path to status is basically a revenue based system, calculated in a roundabout way through the granting of Status Points. For Platinum, this iwll require (at most hotels), an expditure of 5,600 Euro over the year (Ibis Styles will require double the expenditure, as the points earn is half)

Earned status valid for the next Calendar Year

Another significant change is moving onto a Calendar Year calculation for status. This bring it into line with other loyalty programs, and is a step away from the rolling year method used at present. During a calenedar year, and status earned will be valid for the current year, and the full next calendar year.

As part of the transition, any status that is set to expire during 2017 will automatically be etxtended until the end of 2017.



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  • James McNeil

    Anyone know what is happening to the Accor PLACES App? I haven’t been able to log on since the second week of January! Last time it still showed my stays from December as “Pending”

    • Flystaypoints

      The Place App was updated on January 20, which made a few updates like
      new badges and removing the Guest feature. Accor reported a technical
      problem with the Update, but at this point there is no timeline on the
      resolution of the problem.

      You could perhaps try the web version: https://placesbyleclubaccorhotels.com

      • James McNeil

        Ok, Thank you, I have tried using the web version but the same result and won’t log in.