Qantas adjusts Australia – Singapore services


Qantas has announced that it is making changes to its group services between Australia and Singapore. The changes come online at various times in March/April 2018 and include:

  • Adjustments to aircraft and schedules between Sydney and Singapore
  • Increasing Perth – Singapore to a Daily Double Service
  • Reducing Jetstar flights between Melbourne and Singapore

Sydney – Singapore

Qantas will up-gauge its daily QF81/82 Sydney-Singapore service from an Airbus A330 service to an Airbus A380 aircraft between March 4 and March 24, 2018.

As of March 25, it will revert back to an A330 service. As previously announced, Qantas will be rerouting QF1/2 via Singapore as from March 25. This net effect of this is to increase A380 services on the route by 3 weeks.

During the 3 week period that Qantas are operating QF81/82 with an A380, they will be cutting QF5/6 back to 4 days per week. As of March 25, QF5/6 will be replaced by the operatins of QF1/2.

Perth – Singapore

Qantas is moving to offer a daily double service between Perth and Singapore. As from April 8, 2018 QF77/78 will operate with a 737 between Perth and Singapore. This joins the existing 737 service offered between Perth and Singapore.

Qantas have hinted that there may be less than a double daily during non – peak times, They have not specified just what these tweaks may be.

Jetstar Asia will also cease its service between Perth and Singapore as of March 25, 2018.

Melbourne – Singapore

Jetstar will be reducing the number of services it offers between Melbourne and Singapore. As of March 25, 2018 it will move from 5 services a week, down to 2.


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