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World Of Hyatt Bonus

World of Hyatt are running a promotion offering the chance to gain up to a 40% bonus on points purchased. The promotion runs through to May 23.

To get the full 40% bonus, you will need to purchase 10,000 points or more. If you purchase 5,000 to 10,000 points, then a lower bonus of 30% is on offer. Purchase less than 5,000 points and there is no bonus.

Points need to be made in multiples of 1,000 points, and you can go up to 55,000 points. When your reach the top end at 55,000 points, the bonus is 22,000 points, so you would be buying 77,000 points all up.

Hyatt points are sold through, and the standard rate is USD24 per 1,000 points. Thus, each point is costing 2.4 US cents. With this promotion, the cost per point comes down to a little over 1.7 cents per point.

Is the promotion worthwhile?

The Hyatt group only have a small presence in Australia, and have few credit card partners. This makes earning points for an award night something of a challenge. As a result, there may be merit in purchasing points through a promotion such as this – especially if you have your eye on a night at a Hyatt hotel.

In Australia, there are basically just 6 properties – 3 in Melbourne (including Hyatt Place in Essendon), 1 in Sydney, 1 in Perth and 1 in Canberra. Some of these properties have quite high standard nightly rates – and it is at these properties being able to leverage a promotion such as this comes to the fore.

If you have a redemption in mind, it is worth crunching the numbers to see if it makes sense to purchase points and take an award night.

Example: Park Hyatt Sydney

If we take a look at the Park Hyatt Sydney, we can see nightly rates approaching 1,000 per night. For example, looking six month out, a City Harbour King can reach over $1,000 per night.

In comparison, that room is available for 30,000 World Of Hyatt points. Using the 30% bonus offer, the 30,000 points could be attained for $US576 – (for 24,000 points + 7,600 bonus points). At today’s exchange rate, that comes to around $768 –  saving over $200.

Sure, $660 is still quite expensive for a room night in a hotel – however, it does demonstrate the pricing leverage that may be gained using these promotions.

This is the type of promotion where it may be worthwhile to use if you have an immediate specific use for the points, and that use is offering a saving over using a cash price.

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