flybuys offering up to 23% bonus Velocity Points


FlyBuys and Velocity have just kicked off an interesting new transfer promotion. The promotion is offering a bonus based on your spend at partner retailers. Basically, the more retailers you shop at, the greater your bonus.

This bonus could be as high as 23% – meaning you could get up to 1,070 Velocity Points for each 2,000 flybuys points you transfer.

What is the offer?

To be in line for the bonus points when transferring from flybuys to Velocity, you will need to

  • Make a Transfer from flybuys to Velocity between 14 October and 31 October.
  • Ensure that you have spent $10 or more at a participating retailer in the same time period.

You will receive a bonus based on the number of retailers you shop at.  And you need to make sure each of those shops is $10 or more.

Firstly, if you make the spend at one of the retailers you will get a bonus of 100 Velocity Points. Spend at 2 retailers will get you 150 bonus Velocity Points. Finally, spend at all three, and you will get 200 Bonus Velocity Points.

Where do I need to spend?

To get the bonus, you do need to spend at least $10 at one or more retailers. For this promotion, the retailers are Coles, Coles Online, Liquorland, First Choice Liquor, and First Choice Liquor Market.

As usual, there are a few exclusions that will nor be counted in the spend totals. For example, spending on tobacco and most gift cards will not be counted.

What it means

As a reminder, the standard transfer rate between flybuys and Velocity is that 2,000 flybuys points transfer as 870 Velocity Points. This promotion will pay you bonus points on top of that transfer.

So, what that means, is that for each 2,000 flybuys points you transfer, you could receive up to 1,070 Velocity Points. This is the standard 870 points, together with the maximum bonus of 200 Velocity Points for every 2,000 flybuys you transfer.

A the top end of the bonus, you could be in line for a bonus of almost 23%. This is quite good when you consider that most of the time, the maximum bonus is 15%.

To maximise this bonus, you will need to spend at least $30. That’s $10 or more at three retailers.

Further information about transferring points to Velocity may be found on the flybuys website.


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