Accor Plus offering members a six month extension


Accor Plus has joined the list of programs offering membership extensions. In the case of Accor Plus, members will receive a six-month extension on their membership benefits.

Accor Plus Extensions

As a reminder, Accor Plus is a paid program. For $395 per year, members of Accor Plus receive a range of benefits including stay and dining discounts. Members of Accor Plus are also members of the Accor Live Limitless program, providing the rewards and status opportunities.

To begin with, Accor Plus will be extending any membership active during April 2020. For example, memberships set to expire in June 2020, will now have an expiry date of December 2020.

There is one small caveat to this, and that is the total extension on offer is six months. For example, some members were able to purchase a 15-month membership. These members will have a 3-month extension, bringing their total membership period to 18 months.

Voucher Extensions

As part of your membership, you receive a range of dining and accommodation discounts, and these will continue to apply.

On top of that, there are some offers that have time limits on them. For example, the Stay Plus night received with the membership expires each year. Any unused Stay Plus nights will have their validity extended to match your new membership expiry.

In addition to the Stay Plus night, other time-limited vouchers will be extended. That is, certificates with an expiry date will have the expiry date extended.

For example, wine and breakfast vouchers will be extended by 6 months. In addition, any  Member for a Day certificate will be extended for 6 months.

But no new card

Accor have chosen not to re-issue membership cards with the new expiry date. Instead, they ask you to download their app and use the digital card available within the App.


It is good to see Accor come to the party with a six-month extension. With the recent downturn in travel, it has been difficult to extract value from the program. As a paid program, Accor may have risked losing members had they not offered an extension.

Further information may be found here.


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