Amex Offers – Spend $400 get $100 back at Intercontinental Hotels


One of my favourite features of the American Express cards is their Amex Offers promotion. Under the program, members can receive discounts and bonus offers at a range of American Express merchants.

The most common offer is to offer a cashback. Basically, you receive cashback in your account when achieving a certain spend with the promoted merchant.

Current Amex Offers

Intercontinental Group

Right now, you could get $100 back when you spend over $400 at an Intercontinental Hotel in Australia by 22 February 2020. The hotel chains included in this promotion are Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and InterContinental.

You need to register for this offer.

Valid until 22/02/2020


American Express Statement Credits

American Express Statement Credits are an awesome feature of American Express. Under the program, they offer a credit back on your American Express card, when achieving the requirements of the offer.

The offers come up at a wide variety of merchants. These offers can be from travel providers such as hotels, airlines and car rental companies. However, the offers could really be from any merchant in the American Express network.

It is as simple as registering the offer and then making the qualifying spend on your Amex card.

These promotions are generally separate from other promotions or discount you can get. Even if you negotiate a good discount, you’ll still get the cashback. You just need to meet the requirements of the offer.

In order to participate in the offer, you need to register prior to spending at your selected merchant.

Where to find the offers?

On this page, I highlight some interesting offers that are travel related. There are, however, a much broader range of offers available. In some cases, you can find these in your account page on the American Express website. Others can be found on the American Express Connect website.

Online Account

The first place to look is on your account page, once logged into your account. After you have logged into your account, there us a section toward the bottom of your account page that shows a selection of offers.

Offers Page

Offers can also appear on the Amex Connect Offers page. These offers are usually open to all members, and you may find offers here that do not appear in your account. As a result, it is worth checking out this page regularly to see what may be available.

Which Cards can be used?

Generally speaking, American Express Cards issued by American Express Australia Limited are eligible for the promotions. This does, however,  vary by promotion, and specific cards may be excluded from an offer.

Other Promotions

The American Express connect website contains a range of offers, and is regularly updated with new offers. These generally cover the shopping, entertainment, travel and dining categories, and it is worth browsing through these from time to time to see what is available.


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