ANZ Rewards up to 35% bonus Velocity Points


Once again, ANZ Rewards is offering up to a 35% bonus when transferring ANZ Rewards points to Velocity. The bonus includes the 15% bonus on transferred points to Velocity being run with various banks. ANZ Rewards is offering an additional 20% bonus when you take up the auto-redemption option. Doing so more than double the bonus that is up for grabs from other transfer partners

If you do not use the auto-redemption process, you will only gain the standard offer of 15%. There is a small downside to using the auto-redemption process. If it is the first time you have set it up, all the points currently sitting in your ANZ Rewards account will get picked up and transferred on the next transfer

15% extra for Auto-Redemption

The first 15% of the bonus comes from the Velocity offer that is applicable to a range of bonus partners. In addition to this, ANZ Rewards is offering members a bonus for transferring the points through an auto-redemption.

The 15% available under thus offer is for points transferred during November 2016.

5% ‘Always On’ Offer

In conjunction with the auto-redemption offer, there is an additional 5% being paid for auto-redemptions. This bonus has been available since June, and applies to auto-redemptions made by the end of the year.

How it works

The Velocity Points you will receive under each of the three offers are calculated as a percentage of the base number of Velocity Points you receive when you redeem your Reward Points for Velocity Points.

ANZ Rewards gives the following example for how the bonus offers work together:

ANZ Velocity Bonus offers - November 2016 (Image: ANZ)

ANZ Velocity Bonus offers – November 2016 (Image: ANZ)

For further details in this offer, refer to the ANZ Rewards promotion page.



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