Emirates Skywards introduces My Family pooling


Emirates Skywards has introduced a family pooling feature going under the name of My Family. The new feature allows members of a family to pool up to 100% of their points into a central My Family account.

It is a handy new feature and allows members to redeem flights from the pool. By having multiple members contribute, you might be able to achieve an award faster than you otherwise would.

My Family

Under the Family Pooling option, a family can pool their points. In order to do this, one member of the pool takes on the role as Family Head. This gives that member the ability to oversee the use of the pool.

Eight people can contribute to the central account (including the Family Head). Any member contributing to the pool must have a family relationship with the Family Head. For the purposes of My Family, you must have one of the following relationships with the Head:

  • Husband
  • Wife
  • Partner
  • Son / Daughter
  • Step-Son / Step-Daughter
  • Mother / Father
  • Mother-in-Law / Father-in-Law
  • Step-Mother / Step-Father

When setting up the pool, each member can choose the percentage of their earned miles they will contribute to the account. They can choose from 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% , 10% or even 0%.

The program shares some similarities with Velocity Family Pooling, as well as some significant differences.

The big one, you can only pool points – and even then you can choose the percentage of points that you move to the pool. There is no option to pool Tier Miles, it’s just points.

You can invite any family members, up to eight. There are no restrictions on how many adults can contribute, as long as they are family.

As with Velocity, members can only contribute new miles to the family account. Any existing miles in the contributors account, will remain there.

The new program is free to join. For further information and to set up your account, refer to the My Family pages on Emirate.com.


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