Get 20%-30% bonus transferring to Velocity in November


It’s November, and right on time, Velocity Frequent Flyer has launched a new points transfer offer. During November, you can get a bonus of between 20% and 30% when transferring points from a credit card program.

Velocity Transfer bonus details

For most credit cards you will be in for a bonus of 20%. The two exceptions are American Express with a 25% bonus and ANZ with a 30% bonus. Note that the bonus is applied to cards where you manually transfer points across to Velocity. If you have an auto-transfer facility set-up then there is no bonus.

The following credit card partners are offering a bonus of 20%:

  • CommBank Awards
  • NAB Rewards
  • Westpac Altitude
  • St George/Bank SA/Bank of Melbourne Amplify Rewards
  • Citi Rewards
  • Diners Club Rewards
  • Card Services
  • HSBC Rewards (Platinum and Premier cardholders)
  • Suncorp Rewards
  • BOQ – Bank of Queensland Q Rewards

American Express cardholders can get an additional 5%, bringing the total bonus to 25%. This included all eligible cards, including the David Jones cards.

Members of ANZ Rewards and ANZ Business Rewards are up for a 30% bonus.


Velocity runs these types of promotions pretty much every May and November, so it is not unusual to see a promotion now. The good thing this time around is that it looks like yozb

ou’ll be able to use the points for flights. And that includes international flights.

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