Get a bonus of up to 20% when transferring flybuys points to Velocity


The latest offer from flybuys and Velocity is another sign that things are returning to normal. Velocity and flybuys are offering a bonus of up to 20% when you transfer flybuys points to Velocity to July

On top of the bonus points, flybuys are removing the annual cap on transfers during July. Normally, each year you can transfer a maximum of 138,000 flybuys points. For July, this limit has been removed, so you can transfer however many points you wish. The limit will return in August.

Bonus Structure

The bonus is either 15% or 20% depending on the number of flybuys points that you transfer

  • Transfer between 2,000 and 100,000 flybuys points, and you will receive a 15% bonus.
  • Transfer 100,000 or more flybuys points, and you will receive a 20% bonus.

Doing the maths

At the standard transfer rate, 2,000 flybuys points transfer as 870 Velocity Points.

If you transfer 2,000 – 100,000 points, your 15% bonus will result in you receiving 1,000 Velocity points for each 870 flybuys points.

However, if you transfer over 100,000 flybuys points, you get 20%. This means that each of those 2,000 flybuys points will transfer as a total of 1,044 Velocity Points.

Is it worth doing?

In the past, I would probably have said it was worth doing. However, in the current environment, the promotion needs to be approached a bit more cautiously.

At present, there are only limited uses for Velocity Points. You can only redeem points for Virgin Australia flights. On top of that, there is a question mark over just what Virgin will become, from a product and service perspective.

If you have a particular redemption in mind, then it may be worth doing.


All in all, it is a good sign that things are returning to normal. Having said that, there is quite a way to go. But that is true on most things, not just Virgin Australia.

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