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World of Hyatt has announced a promotion offering bonus World of Hyatt points when making a points purchase. Under the offer, members can receive a bonus of 30% on the amount of points that you purchase. The bonus points are available on purchases of points made by May 23, 2017

In order to gain the 30% bonus, you will need to purchase at least 5,000 points (which will then gain you an extra 1,500 points) From there, it is a 30% bonus all the way up to the maximum purchase of 55,000 points (together with its 16,500 points (for a total maximum of 71,500 points)

Hyatt points are normall sold at a rate of $US24 for 1000  points. That is, the normal price for a point is 2.4 US cents. When the bonus 30% points is taken into account, that comes down to approximately 1.85 US cents per point.

As mentioned, the maximum purchase if 55,000 points (71,500 inclusive of bonus), and that will set you back a total of $US1,320. This was a bit over AUD1,800 at the time this was written.

Is the promotion worthwhile?

The Hyatt group only have a small presence in Australia, and have few credit card partners. This makes earning points for an award night something of a challenge. As a result, there may be merit in purchasing points through a promotion such as this – especially if you have your eye on a night at a Hyatt hotel.

In Australia, there are basically just 5 properties – 2 in Melbourne, 1 in Sydney, 1 in Perth and 1 in Canberra. Some of these properties have quite high standard nightly rates – and it is at these properties being able to leverage a promotion such as this comes to the fore.

A 30% bonus is on the high end of the bonus amounts that have been on offer, so it is worth crunching the numbers to see if it makes sense to purchase points and take an award night.

World of Hyatt points are sold through


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