Hilton HHonors to remove login by PIN


Hilton HHonors have advised that they will shortly be performing  security update on the HHonors website, and you will no longer be able to login using the PIN. A password will be the only way available to login to the site to view your HHonors information Рand not your current password.

The change is slated to take place on 1 April, 2015. As part of removing the use of a PIN, Hilton will also be requiring you to provide a new password.

Late last year, a number of Hilton HHonors accounts were reported to have been hacked. The initial Hilton HHonors response was to add a Captcha to the login process – although this was more noticeable as it was one of the early sites using a new Google API, resulting in people being asked if they were a robot.


Following the hack, there was talk on the forums that account information was up for sale on Hacker sites.  The value of the information to the hacker is mainly the points. These points can be traded for gift vouchers, merchandise and even hotel nights and a number of members were reporting such activity in their accounts.

With the removal of the PIN, and the requirement to a new passord being mandated, it would seem that Hilton HHonors have undertaken a review of their security mechanisms. Hopefully, their changes will be sufficient to help prevent further hacks in the future.


[Updated 13/03/2015 – Changed implementation date to 01 April 2015]

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