Hilton Honors Extends Status Through to March 2023


Hilton Honors are extending the status tiers of its members for another year. As a result, all Hilton Honors Silver, Gold, and Diamond members will automatically receive a status extension until 31 March 2023.

In addition, Hilton is adjusting the status tier requirements for 2022. If you can ht the 2022 requirements, then you will see your status good through to 2024.

Status Extension

If you hold any elite level with Hilton Honors, you will see this extend out until March 2023. This gives you another year of status. That includes those that have already taken advantage of the previous extension to 2022.

Of course, if you managed to achieve a higher level this year, you will already be awarded that level until March 2023. This won’t be further extended at this point in time.

2022 Requirements

As with 2021, Hilton will be reducing its usual status tier requirements for 2022. For 2020, they will reduce the requirements by 30% compared to the usual requirements. Not as generous as the 50% reduction required in 2021, but still pretty decent.

The reduction helps members looking to renew their membership. On top of that, it will also help those looking to move up a level. If you can achieve the reduced levels during 2022, you will then have status through to at least March 2024.

The requirements to attain, or renew, a level in 2022 are as follows:

Status tier Nights Stays Base Points
Silver 7 3 17,500
Gold 28 14 52,500
Diamond 42 21 84,000


To help even further with the retaining status in 2022, Hilton Honors will be rolling over all nights stayed in 2021 into the totals for 2022. For example, if you have managed to stay 10 nights this year, then you will start 2022 off with 10 nights already applied to your account.


Hilton Honors previously extended status from 2021 to 2022, and now they are adding another year. I guess they have a good handle on how their members are tracking this year, and see the need to do this.

The 30% reduction in tier requirements is good, but not as good as the 50% reduction this year. Presumably, this reflects some optimism that there will be more travel next year.


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