IHG Rewards 2017 Q2 Accelerate Promotion – New Task for August


[Update] IHG Rewards has rolled out some new offers for the current Accelerate Promotion. Some members have been noticing a new task in their Offers List for stays in August. In my case, I have a new task offering 1,500 points for a stay in August.

August is the final month of the current promotion, and I don’t recall being offered an extra task in previous versions of Accelerate.

It may be worth checking your offers to see if you have been offered any addtional tasks to complete.

[Previous] IHG Rewards Club has just launched a new Accelerate promotion for stays between May 15 – August 31, 2017.

The latest promotion continues with the theme of offering individual customised tasks. Each individual member will get their own set of tasks, and are awarded points as they complete the tasks. Finally, there is a competion bonus for competing a set number of the tasks.

Accelerate Q2 2017 registration

Even though the promotion does not start until mid May, registration has now opened. The registration process takes the normal format. In order to register, you will need to

  • Sign In to your account
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the promotion,
  • Get  presented with your tasks.

The Offers

As mentioned, the tasks vary between members. The tasks generally consist of staying or spending in IHG Rewards hotels. They may include staying a certain number of nights, booking on particular rates, and that sort of thing.

The tasks I have been offered this time are shown below:

IHG Q2 Accelerate Dashboard

IHG Q2 Accelerate Dashboard

This shows the familiar pattern of the Accelerate promotions. You are challenged with a set of tasks, each with a set number of bonus points. In addition, there is a bonus for completing a number of tasks.

In my case, there are 4 tasks available, and completing each will earn the stated points. The completion bonus is available for completing 3 of the 4 tasks on offer.

As with the previous Accelerate promotion, the first month is starting off with a bonus offer. In this case, a single stay between May 15 and June 30 will garner a bonus of 5,000 points. This bonus offer does not count toward achieving your overall goal.

Many of the tasks overlap to an extent. This means that it is often possible to meet the requirements of multiple tasks in a single stay. As an example, I have a task to have a two night stay at Intercontinental, and I also have a task awarding points for my first stay. I could complete both with a single stay at an Intercontinetal Hotel.

As is the way of the Accelerate promotions, tasks are all individually assigned. Thay are largely based on your recent stay history. In some cases, they represent a bit of a stretch over your recent stay history. Depending on your history, achieving the overall tasks could be easy. However, if you stay often in IHG hotels, the actual tasks could be quite difficult to achieve. Having said that, those being offered more difficult tasks are often give higher points targets to aim for.

Depending on your offers, you may be able to complete multiple tasks with a single stay. When you get your tasks, look at them and see if there are shortcuts that could enable you to complete mutliple tasks in a few stays.


IHG Rewards have been offering this style of promotion for a few years now. In the early days, the promotions had various names, although they now seem to have settled on Accelerate. They can make for some easy points. While I may not complete all the requirements, I am likely to finish a few of the tasks.

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