IHG Rewards Club Double Points Plus More – extended to December 31


IHG Rewards have quietly made some changes to the Double Points promotion. Firstly, the promotion has been extended out until December 31. In addition, the cap on the double points has been removed.

IHG Rewards Club has launched its newest promotion Double Points Plus More. Running from September 16 through to  December 31 2018, it is the latest in the Accelerate style of promotions, with the last finishing in July.

This time around, IHG Rewards have dropped the Accelerate title and are calling it Double Points Plus More. The name refers to the fact that all eligible members are getting a Double Points offer. After that, there are the usual style of offers that Accelerate was known for.

Double Points Plus More Details

  • Promotion: Double Points Plus More
  • Stay Dates: September 16 to December 31, 2018
  • Booking Dates: May vary by task, refer to the details of the specific task.
  • Registration: You must register to be provided with your specific tasks

The Tasks

First up, all eligible members will have a double points task. This task will provide double points on every stay (starting from the second). While some members reported caps of 15,000 or 30,000 points, these caps look to have been removed.

On top of that, you will also have a set of personalised offers. These offers provide additional bonus points and are generally based on your previous stay history, or your home location. For some, these can be lucrative offers – for others, not so much.

My personal offers are shown below.

IHG Double Points Plus More Offers

IHG Double Points Plus More Offers

While they could be lucrative, staying at four different brands may be a challenge for me in the timeframe.

After a bit of a break between the last Accelerate offer, it is good to see a promotional offer make a return. I don’t think it will be somethings I will be completing, but I may pick up a few bonus points along the way.

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