Krisflyer Revamps Earn & Redeem On Scoot Flights


KrisFlyer has revamped the way in which members can earn and redeem points on Scoot services. Under the changes, Krisflyer members will be able to earn 1 KrisFlyer Point per 1 SGD spend.

Even better, KrisFlyer members are able to log onto the website in order to make bookings and redemptions.


Scoot is the low-cost carrier arm of Singapore Airlines. In many ways, it is to Singapore Airlines what Jetstar is to Qantas.

While members have been able to earn and redeem KrisFlyer miles for a few years, the process and earning was cumbersome. Fortunately, the process has now been streamlined, and you do not need to buy particular fares.

Earn KrisFlyer miles

Scoot flights purchased on

When booking flights on, you can earn at the rate of 1 mile per SGD$1 spent. Points are earned on the base fare and most add-ons. There are some exceptions, with spend on e-Visa or travel insurance excluded from earning points.

For flights that are partially paid with KrisFlyer miles, only the cash portion (i.e. paid by credit or debit card, etc.) are eligible for miles accrual. Flights that are fully paid with miles or Scoot vouchers are not eligible for miles accrual.

Scoot flights within mixed itineraries

Sometimes a single itinerary may have multiple airlines, such as when you connect between Scoot and Singapore Airlines. In this case, Scoot sector miles accrual will be awarded based on the fare class of the ticket, and the mileage of the Scoot sector. The accrual chart may be viewed here.

If your itinerary consists of a Scoot and Virgin Australia flight, you will need to claim miles on the Virgin Australia flight through the retro claim process.

Redeem KrisFlyer miles

Redemptions of KrisFlyer miles is done by using your points in part payment of the fare. There is no award chart as such, you simply apply points towards a normal cash booking.

The examples floating around suggest that you are offered a rate of around 0.7c (Singapore cents) for each KrisFlyer point. This is not a particularly great rate but seems normal for redemptions of this kind.

Simplifying a process is usually and good thing, and streamlining the earning of points is definitely good. This will be of benefit to those who use the services of Scoot.

You can find further details is available online at

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