Earn 50 points with Marriott Rewards #RewardsPoints Connect and Collect promotion


Last week, I wrote about the revamped Marriott Rewards #RewardsPoints program. Under the Connect and Collect program, Marriott Rewards are offering members the chance to earn Marriott Rewards points for interacting on social media.

By interacting, it seems they mean that you will earn points for posting on Twitter or Instagram during the campaigns. Each of the campaigns will have its own instructions on what needs to be done to gain the free points. At the time of program launch, Marriott Rewards said that there would be 3-4 such campaigns per month.

Connect and Collect Points

The first campaign I have seen since the relaunch is now running on Twitter. It has a fairly simple requirement – you just need to respond with a tweet to the question:

If I could learn to cook any type of food, it would be_______

You can find the tweet you need to respond to here. When replying to the Tweet remember to use the hastags and For doing that, Marriott Rewards will give you 50 points.

It all happens quickly. I responded to the Tweet, and received an Email shortly after confirming that I was receiving the points. The 50 points arrived in my account shortly after.

Obviously 50 Marriott Rewards points won’t get ypu much. However, given that it only took a few moments to answer the question, I’ll take the points. I am sure they will come in handy at some point.

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