Marriott to gift half Elite Nights, and run a Double Night promotion


Over the last few months, a number of hotel programs announced their status support programs for 2021. Marriott was not one of that list. At least until now.

Marriott Bonvoy has just posted some details of their approach to status in 2021 on one of their Facebook pages,¬† and there’s a few things coming up.

Gift of Elite Night Credits

Last year, Marriott Bonvoy gifted its members 50% of the Elite Night Credits (ENC) required for their current status level. This year, they will be doing the same. At this point in time, they expect the ENC to de deposited into members’ accounts sometime during February.

The number of ENC you will receive will be based on your 2020 status and will mean that you will only need half of the nights you normally require to retain status.

Last year, the number of ENC that were gifted to members was

Elite status tier

Annual tier
50% elite night
credits (ENC) deposit
Ambassador Elite 100 Qualifying Nights AND
US$20,000 stay spend
50 Elite Night Credits
Titanium Elite 75 Qualifying Nights 38 Elite Night Credits
Platinum Elite 50 Qualifying Nights 25 Elite Night Credits
Gold Elite 25 Qualifying Nights 13 Elite Night Credits
Silver Elite 10 Qualifying Nights 5 Elite Night Credits
Member Not Applicable Not Applicable


Also, note that the spending requirement for Ambassador Elite has been reduced to $US14,000 for this year.

We would expect this to remain the same for the current year. If anything changes, we will update this table with that information.

Double Nights Promotion

While receiving half of your Eligible Nights helps to retain your current status, it still leaves you with a number of nights to stay. It is also less useful if you are trying to go up a level.

To help out, Marriott will be running a “Better Two-gether” promotion between 16 February and 27 April. This promotion will offer double nights and double points on stays of two nights or more.

We will bring further information on this promotion when it is made available.


It is good to see these initiatives from Marriott Bonvoy. It is fairly clear already that travel is going to remain limited for many during 2021. These offers will help members retain, or even increase, their status levels in the Marriott program.


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