New Powder Restrictions on International Flights


Restrictions on Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs) when flying on an international flight are nothing new. The rules restricting LAGs in hand luggage have been in place since 2006. From June 30, there are additional restrictions in place, and this time it is powder. Specifically, inorganic powder. Organic powders are not included in the new rules.

Powder Restrictions

First up, this is only for international flights out of Australia. As with the LAGs, there are no restrictions on domestic flights (well, apart from you hand luggage limits overall)

From 30 June 2018, anyone flying internationally will only be permitted a maximum of 350mL or 350 grams of “inorganic powders” in their carry-on luggage. An important consideration, is that it is the size of the container that is important – not how full they are.

At the screening point, you will need to present any powders for inspection. While they will need to inspected separately, they do not need to be placed in a plastic bag or anything like that.

Which Powders?

The Australian Governments Travel Secure website gives some examples on which powders will be allowed and which won’t. The following table shows these examples:

Inorganic powders
(restrictions apply)
Organic powders
(not restricted)
All powders must be separately presented for screening.

The total volume of inorganic powders must not exceed 350 millilitres (volume), 350 grams (weight) in total container (based on container volume/weight).

  • Salt
  • Salt scrub
  • Sand
  • Some talcum powders
  • Some powdered deodorant
  • Certain foot powders
  • Powdered detergent and cleaning products
  • Baby formula (in powder form)
  • Powdered food
  • Coffee
  • Protein powder
  • Flour, spices, sugar
  • Most cosmetics
  • Epsom salt

The new restrictions match those that have been put in place for travel to the US. From June 30, all international flights to the US will have similar restrictions.

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