Qantas A380 refit in sight?


Qantas introduced the A380 to its fleet in 2008. Given Qantas typically keeps its aircraft for 20 years or more, they are now approaching their mid-life. This has raised question over whether a mid-life A380 refit is on the cards..

Introduced in 2008, some see the current onboard product as a bit out of date. For example, the A380 was fitted with Skybed MKII in Business.  At the time, this was considered a good Business product. Since then, however, the Business product has evolved, with Qantas installing Business Suites into its A330 fleet, and proposing a similar style of seating in its 787.

A mid-life refit?

As the A380 approaches its mid-life, many have started wonering if the A380 will get a refit. Qantas has refitted and reconfigured a number of its international fleets around their mid life. This has included updated to the 747 and the A330 fleet.

Qantas has said little about its plans in that regard. However, in a report in the Weekend AFR magazine  gives the first hint that a mid-life refit may be on the way:

Newson, meanwhile, has remained with Qantas as consultant designer while dreaming up editions of the Apple Watch and various heirlooms for the storied French house of Louis Vuitton. He led the rollout of Qantas’ Next-Generation check-in and more recently has been thinking about the next big refit, post-Dreamliner – that of the A380.

So, no specific timeline, aside from post-Dreamliner. It is, however, the first real indication that I have seen that there will be such a refit. It will, of course, be a big project – the A380 is a big plane. We may get a better idea of the changes in store and the timeline once the 787 enters service later in the year.

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