Qantas Assure to reward active frequent flyers


Qantas Loyalty and nib have announced a new partnership that will offer Qantas Frequent Flyers health insuramce under the Qantas Assure banner. As part of the deal, in addition to earning points on health insurance premiums, members will also be eligible to earn Qantas Points for achieving activity goals.

Under the program, Qantas Assure policy-holders will be able to download a ‘wellness app’ to their smartphone, which will be able to sync with popular firness trackers, such as a fitbit. Through the App, you will be able to set activity goals, and if the app sees that the target has been achieved, a number of Qantas Points will be deposited to your account.

At this point, Qantas has not revealed the number of points that will be achieved for achieving the goal. As a point of comparison, though, a similar deal for flybuys members, sees those members earning 10 flybuys points on any day that they achieve a fixed target of 10,000 points.

Qantas Assure is targetting a 2-3 percent share of the private health insurance market in its first five years. Under the deal, Qantas Loyalty will be providing the marketing, data, and customer retention capability, while nib will be resposnible for the health insurance, risk assessment and underwriting capability.

Qantas has information up on its Qantas Points website, and through to the end of November, there is an opportunity to earn 100 Qantas Points by completing a survey on the Qantas Points page. For further details, refer to the Qantas Assure page.






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