Qantas bring Premium Economy to MEL-HKG


Qantas has announced an increase in capacity on its Melbourne – Hong Kong route, which will see a reconfigured Boeing 747 operating the route 3 times per week from April 2016. The reconfigured 747 features the same basic product that is found in the Qantas A380 aircraft.

The reconfigured 747 aircraft have a three class layout, consisting of 364 seats: 58 Business, 36 Premium Economy and 270 Economy. This compares to the existing A333 aircraft which only have a business and economy cabin.

The result of this is somehat increased business seat availabilty, as well as the introduction of Premium Economy onto the route. Premium Economy fills the gap between the economy and business sections, a gap which has widened over recent years, as business class has moved to lie flat beds and other improved amenities.

Qantas removes 747 from Sydney – Los Angeles

In order to increase the capacity on Melbourne – Hong Kong, Qantas will be remiving the 747 service that currently operates between Sydney and Los Angeles.

Currently a daily service, this was already scheduled to drop back to a 3 a week service in January, as part of previously announced changes to the schedule.

With the new announcement, the remaining 3 services per week will be removed entirely. This will leave Qantas operating a daily A380 service on the route, with another daily service being operated by partner American Airlines.

There have been some other tweaks to the North American network as well. The A380 service between Sydney to Dallas/Fort Worth will be a daily service from April. This service will operate on Tuesdays a  day that Qantas currently does not operate a service.

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