Qantas extends Qantas Club memberships by 7 months


Qantas has announced another complimentary extension of Qantas Club memberships. Under the latest extension, anyone who had an active membership on 30 June 2021 is being given another seven months of Qantas Club access.

August 2021 Extension

The latest extension applies to any Qantas Club member that had an active membership on June 30. And, yes, it seems that Qantas has taken two months to announce this.

It’s fairly simple. Anyone with an active paid Qantas Club membership as of 30 June 2021 is receiving a complimentary 7-month extension of their membership. Qantas will be applying the extension to members’ accounts in October 2021.

If you renewed your membership between 20 June and 25 August, there is no need to fret. The 7-month extension will also apply to you.

Members will not have to take any action for this to happen. Qantas will apply the extensions automatically during October.

Lounge Pass Extension

Qantas will also extend the validity of most complimentary lounge invitations by seven months. Again, this will be applied automatically, and you should be able to see this by the end of August.

Previous Extensions

This is the fourth extension Qantas has offered to Qantas Club members. Firstly, there was the initial six-month extension in April 2020, which was followed by a further six-month extension in September. Finally, the third extension in March 2021, added three months on.

All up, the four extensions have given members 22 months of complimentary extensions.


It is interesting to announce an extension 2 months after the qualifying date. I guess back at the end of June, Qantas was not even contemplating another extension. But two months is a long time in the Covid world, and much can happen.

You can find more details on this extension on the Qantas website.

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