Qantas releases new ad campaign – Feels Like Home


Qantas will this weekend release its new brand campaign. It is based around a theme of what the carrier believes it has been doing since its early days – bringing people home. Intended to tug on the heartstrings,  the campaign reflects the special pull of home, the love of family and friends and the way Qantas helps bring Australians together around the country and across the globe.

From 9 November, 2014, The ‘Feels Like Home’ campaign will be seen on television, cinema, outdoor, in print and online. Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said the campaign was designed to celebrate the unique place Qantas has in the lives of many Australians. “For almost 100 years Qantas has been bringing Australians from all around the world home to the people and places they love,” said Mr Joyce. “We often hear that seeing the Qantas red tail at an airport, or stepping on board a Qantas aircraft, makes Australians feel like they’re halfway home already. That’s the spirit we wanted to capture.

In the advertisements, Australian singer Martha Marlow performs the Randy Newman song Feels Like Home. The advertisements tell the stories of five Qantas passengers and their journey home to Australia, to be welcomed by their loved ones at the airport.

  • Pilbara, WA – Matt (35) from Adelaide, works long shifts at Fortescue Mine in the Pilbara, Western Australia. It’s a long way from home but it all seems worthwhile when he sees his young family rushing to greet him at the airport when he returns.
  • Hong Kong – Melinda (32) and Iker (33) live in Hong Kong and have a small baby, Alexo. Melinda grew up in Sydney and is looking forward to showing him off to his proud grandmother back home in Australia.
  • London – Alice (27) grew up in Adelaide but has lived and worked in London for the three years. She returns home and is greeted by her mum and sister after a long time apart.
  • LA – Charlotte (7) lives in Brisbane and has been holidaying with her grandparents in Los Angeles. Even though she is excited to be travelling on her own, Charlotte loves coming home to be with her mum and dad even more.
  • Santiago – Backpacker Jacob (22) is a chef from Bunbury, WA who has been backpacking, rock climbing and horse riding through Chile for the past few months. He misses his mum’s home cooking and is intrigued to see his younger brother’s new beard. He returns home to see his mum, dad and two brothers.

The clips were filmed in Sydney, the Pilbara, London, Santiago, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. A video on YouTube shows a montage of various scenes. Note that due to copyright reasons, the video may not play in countries outside Australia.

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