Qantas to run extra July Auckland flights


Qantas has announced that it will be running an additional 21 extra flights across the Tasman between Brisbane/Sydney and Auckland in July. The extra flights are said to have been added in order to meet the demand of the school holidays period.

In total, there will be six additional return services between Sydney and Auckland. On top of that there is an additional one way service between the two cities. The additional four return services are running between Brisbane and Sydney.

The additional services between Sydney and Auckland will operate between July 3 and 19. The flights (QF181/180), will operate at different times depending on the day of the week.

The four additiional Brisbane services over the period will be the QF119/120 operating on July 4, 11, 12, 13 and 18.

All of the additional services will be operated by the 737-800 aircraft that Qantas uses for its Trans Tasman services. These services are configured with both business and economy cabins.

These additional services are part of the Qantas strategy of running a more dynamic schedule, where they  increase flights when there’s demand and reduce the number of flights during quieter periods.

The following table shows the extra services that Qantas will be running:

Date Flight Number Route Departure Time Arrival Time
03-Jul QF181 SYD-AKL 1500 2010
04-Jul QF180 AKL-SYD 1000 1140
04-Jul QF181 SYD-AKL 1245 1755
04-Jul QF120 AKL-BNE 1630 1825
04-Jul QF119 BNE-AKL 1915 0025+1
05-Jul QF180 AKL-SYD 1000 1140
05-Jul QF181 SYD-AKL 1530 2040
11-Jul QF181 SYD-AKL 1600 2110
11-Jul QF180 AKL-SYD 1315 1455
11-Jul QF120 AKL-BNE 1630 1825
11-Jul QF119 BNE-AKL 1915 0025+1
12-Jul QF181 SYD-AKL 1230 1740
12-Jul QF180 AKL-SYD 1000 1140
12-Jul QF120 AKL-BNE 1840 2035
13-Jul QF119 BNE-AKL 0710 1220
18-Jul QF181 SYD-AKL 1600 2110
18-Jul QF180 AKL-SYD 1315 1455
18-Jul QF120 AKL-BNE 1630 1825
18-Jul QF119 BNE-AKL 1915 0025+1
19-Jul QF181 SYD-AKL 1300 1810
19-Jul QF180 AKL-SYD 1000 1140

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