Singapore Airlines honours mistake fare


It’s been in the news over the last week – a mistake in the coding of some Singapore Airlines business class fares from Australia to Europe that were pricing at the equivalent of an economy fare. Around 900 of the fares were sold,  for around $3500 each instead of the more typical  price of about $8500.

When the error was first discovered, Singapore Airlines informed travel agents they would need to ask clients to pay the difference or settle for an economy class seat. Alternatively, a full refund was available. Travel Agents were not happy, as the error appeared to have been made by the airline.

Singapore Airlines has now changed its tune, and says that it will honour the business class tickets. In a statement, the airline said:

Singapore Airlines was alerted on Saturday, 29 November to an issue which saw business Class bookings able to be made at an outdated Economy Class fare level. This was due to a booking subclass recently being reassigned from Economy Class to Business Class. Corrective action was immediately taken to address the issue.

To ensure no disruption to our customers’ travel plans, Singapore Airlines wishes to advise that it will honour all affected bookings.

Singapore Airlines will be contacting affected customers and travel agents to advise that their Business Class bookings will be honoured at the original fare purchased.

Investigations continue to be carried out to determine the root cause of this issue.

Singapore Airlines would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

What exactly has caused the change of heart at Singapore Airlines is unknown, however, it is great news for those people that were able to get the discounted airfares while they were available.


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