Singapore Airlines introduces KrisFlyer for Families


The KrisFlyer program has launched a new family-friendly program, aptly named KrisFlyer for Families.  Under the new benefit, KrisFlyer members will be able to transfer miles to a parent’s account.

KrisFlyer for families is a type of  ‘family pooling’, allowing parents to access any points earned by their children. However, it does not come free, with KrisFlyer charging US$5 or 500 KrisFlyer miles for each 5,000 KrisFlyer miles transferred. Yes, that is correct, it basically costs you 10% of the points to access the feature.

Setting Up KrisFlyer for Families

In order to take advantage of the feature, the children will need to set up links to a parent’s account. To do this, you will need to log into the child’s account and turn on the Parental Link feature.

When linking accounts, a parent can have up to 5 child accounts linked to their account. On the other hand, a child can only be linked to one parent. It is also worth noting that the link can only be set up once. It will not be possible to change the link to another parent once the initial link has been made.

For the purposes of the Parental Link, a child is any member aged between 2 and 15. These links will be removed automatically when the child turns 16.

As always, there are a few terms and conditions that go with this new benefit. First, there is a maximum of 50,000 KrisFlyer miles per child’s account that can be transferred each calendar year. There is also a fairly steep service fee attached to this. As mentioned previously, there is a charge of US$5 or 500 points for every 5,000 points transferred.

Secondly, there is the issue of miles expiration. When initiating a transfer, the points will retain their original expiry date.


A number of programs have been adding more family-friendly features to their programs. As such, it is good to see KrisFlyer start to head in this direction. Hopefully, more programs will add such features over the coming years.

Further information is available on the Singapore Airlines website

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