The latest Points Plane – Jetstar to Japan


Qantas has announced the next Points Plane – and this time they are doing things differently.

This different approach shows up in a few ways. First and foremost, this time around it is on Jetstar flights. That’s right, they are Jetstar flights. They are not even special flights – they are just normal services.

The way it works is that Jetstar is making available all seats on Jetstar flights from the Gold Coast or Cairns to Japan available as a Classic Award seat.

Of course, it is not a complete free for all. There are restrictions on both the booking dates and travel dates available. In particular, the travel period is quite tight and is all over before the summer holidays kick in.

Jetstar Points Plane details

Firstly, you have two weeks in which to book the flights. So, you will need to make your booking between 3 and 17 September in order to guarantee a classic award seat. The eligible travel dates are 12 November 2019 to 12 December 2019. You can choose ether one way or return flights.

This does not mean award seats will not be available outside the time periods. It’s just that Jetstar will be making all their seats on the eligible flights available as Classic Awards. The good news, though, is that if you can travel during the specified time periods, you should be able to get an award ticket.

For many people, chances are they will need to get themselves to the Gold Coast or Cairns to take advantage of this offer. If you are in Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide, Jetstar is also offering domestic connections. The following table shows some of the options that Jetstar is providing.

Flights to Tokyo (Narita) from – Return Qantas Points Taxes, fees, and carrier charges*
Gold Coast (direct) Economy 43,000 pts A$237.23
Business 96,000 pts A$487.23
Cairns (direct) Economy 43,000 pts A$261.96
Business 96,000 pts A$511.96
Sydney via Cairns Economy 52,000 pts A$293.90
Sydney via Gold Coast Economy 52,000 pts A$266.24
Melbourne via Cairns Economy 52,000 pts A$293.70
Melbourne via Gold Coast Economy 52,000 pts A$266.24
Adelaide via Cairns Economy 52,000 pts A$298.03
Flights to Osaka (Kansai) from – Return Qantas Points Taxes, fees, and carrier charges*
Cairns (direct) Economy 43,000 pts A$282.76
Business 96,000 pts A$532.76
Melbourne via Cairns Economy 52,000 pts A$314.50
Sydney via Cairns Economy 83,600 pts A$449.70

Note that to get this pricing, your domestic flight connection needs to be within 24 hours of the Japan flight.

Japan Domestic Flights

As part of the promotion, all domestic flights in Japan on the Jetstar network are included. If you are interested in getting around the country, this could provide some reasonable options.


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