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Velocity alters Singapore Airlines Earn Rates

Singapore Airlines 787-10

Velocity has made some adjustments to earning rates when travelling on Singapore Airlines. The changes came into effect from March 1, and broadly match the changes Singapore Airlines made to its Krisflyer program.

As with the changes to the Krisflyer earn rates, how the changes affect you depends on the class of fare you purchase. Generally, there has been a movement upward in earn on higher fare levels. As you move down into the cheaper fares,  earn rates have in some cases fallen.

It is not just the points earn rate that has changed. There have also been changed to the Status Credit earning power on some of the fare classes.

The Changes in Detail

Point Earn Changes

First up, travellers in First Class receive a boost, moving from 1.5 or 1.6 (in suites) points per mile, up to 2 points per mile. This represents an increase in earnings of up to 33%.

In the case of Business Class, the more expensive fares (Z, C, J) see a boost from 1.25 to 1.5 points per mile. The remaining Business Class fares remains at 1.25 points per mile.

Premium Economy sees a slightly different effect. Prior to the change, all Premium Economy fares earned at the 1.1 Points per mile rate. Under the change, the more expensive S and T fares moving up from 1.25 points per mile, while the cheaper P fares drop back to 1 point per mile.

In the case of Economy, things get a little more complicated. The most expensive (Y,B,E) remain at 1 Point per mile, while M,H and W drop back from 1 Point to 0.75 Points per mile. L class fares take a tumble from 1 Point to just 0.1 Points per mile. N and Q class remain at 0.5 Points per mile, and are joined by V and K which have increased from 0.1 Points per mile.

Status Credit Changes

On the status credit front,  there has been some reclassification of the Economy airfares. The M, H, L and W fares are dropping back to Discount Economy rates, and as such earn half the status credits they used to.

There are no changes to Status Credit earn in First, Business or Premium Economy.







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