Velocity and BP partnership launching


The partnership between Velocity and BP kicks off on Thursday this week. First announced last year, the partnership allows members of the Velocity program will be able to earn points while buiyng fuel and purchasing in-store at BP service stations across Australia.


As part of the partnership, members of the Velocity program will be able to earn Velocity Frequent Flyer points when buying fuel, or making in-store purchases. The earn rates are as follows:

  • Fuel Purchase – 2 points for each litre of fuel purchased, up to a maximum of 150 litres per transaction
  • In Store Purchase – 2 points for each dollar spent in store. There are some exceptions. For example, points are not earned on purchases of tobacco products, lottery/lotto tickets, gift cards and pre paid mobile phone cards. Capped at $100 per transaction.

How to earn

In order to gain points from spend at BP, you need to swipe your Velocity membership card at the counter before you pay. Doing this will allow yo to earn Points on every fuel purchase up to 150 litres of fuel and for in-store purchases up to $100, per transaction.

Some methods of payments will not be eligible for points earning. For the most part, the use of a fuel card will result in no points being earned. Fuel cards include BP Plus Cards, Motor Pass Cards, Motor Charge Cards, Fleet Cards and Distributor / Reseller Fuel Cards.

Don’t have your card?

If you don’t have your Velocity card with you when you fill up BP have you covered. You can simply get a BP temporary card, and swipe that. You will then have 30 days from the date of purchase to register that card against your Velocity account in order to receive the points.

This also works if you don’t have a Velocity account. If you get  a BP temporary card, you can apply the points to your new account, as long as you sign up and register the temporary card within 30 days of purchase.


On the burn side of the equation, BP Gift cards are available for purchase through the Velocity Rewards Store. They are available in various denominations, as follows:

BP Gift Card redemption rates
Dollar Value Points Required Points Value
$25 4,500 0.55c
$50 8,600 0.58
$100 17,000 0.59


The Double Dip

While fuel cards are expempted from earn, credit cards are not. This opens up a double dip opportunity – earn points through BP, and earn points on your credit card. With fuel prices over one dollar a litre, there is scope to earn an additional point per litre on fuel pruchases, although this earn will fluctuate with fuel prices.


In terms of earning Loyalty Points in a frequent flyer program, the main alternative is provided through Woolworths Caltex and its alignment with the Woolworths Supermarker Shopper Docket scheme. Under this scheme, it is possble to trade the 4c per liter discount docket for Qantas Frequent Flyer points. In this trade-off, rather than the discount, a member can take 2 Qantas Frequent Flyer points instead. This is effectively the same earn rate as provided by the BP/Velocity program.

Coles Express is aligned with the FlyBuys program, and spending at Coles Express can earn FlyBuys points. This is based on a dollar amount spend, and the points are gained in addition to any discount that may be gained under the Coles Shopper Docket sheme.

For the points collectore, the Woolworths program is the program most likely to be compared. On this basis, with each offering 2 points per litre purchased, the offerings are quite similar.


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