Velocity boosts status credits between Oct 2021 and Mar 2022


Velocity Frequent Flyer will be boosting the number of status credits on flights taken between 1 October 2021 and 31 March 2022. Even better, you don’t have to register, and the boosted earn applies to any flights that you may have already booked.

The news gets even better. For the first time in almost a decade, you will be able to earn status credits on Classic Reward flights.

Boosted Status Credits on flights

Between 1 October and 31 March, Velocity will be offering boosted status credits on eligible flights. The largest boost is in Economy, where you will receive twice the normal number of status credits. If you’re sitting up front in Business, you can look forward to a boost of up to 45%.

The following status credit table will apply to flights taken during this time. The current earn rates, based on Velocity’s recent adjustments are shown in brackets.

One-way Miles (zones) Lite Choice/Groups Flex Business
1 – 750 (Zone 1) 10  (5) 30 (15) 50 (25) 80 (55)
751 – 1,500 (Zone 2) 15  (7) 40 (20) 70 (35) 115 (80)
1,501 + (Zone 3) 20 (10) 60 (30) 90 (45) 150 (105)

The table above applies to fares on the new fare structure. If you booked the flight prior to 19 August, the following table applies

One-way Miles (zones) Getaway
(M Class)
(S, T Class)
(Q, V, N, E, G Class)
(Y, B, H, K, L Class)
Business Saver
(I Class)
Business (J, C, D Class)
1 – 750 (Zone 1) 12 22 22 50 75 80
751 – 1,500 (Zone 2) 18 30 30 65 95 105
1,501 + (Zone 3) 25 45 45 90 135 150


Status Credits on Reward Flights

Velocity has gone an extra step with this bonus and will be offering Status Credits on Reward flights. For flights between October and March, the following table will apply

Status Credits will be earned per one-way domestic flight with Virgin Australia at the following levels.

One-way Miles (Zones) Economy Reward Business Reward
1 – 600 (Zone 1) 5 15
601 – 1,200 (Zone 2) 7 20
1,201 – 2,400 (Zone 3) 10 30


It’s a good promotion to try to get people booking. It has quite a wide window of opportunity, although it does require travel to start opening up again.

Further information is available on the Velocity website.

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