Velocity changes Delta points earn rates


Velocity Frequent Flyer has updated its Delta earn chart, with a new earnings chart to take effect from June 1, 2015. The change to the  table presents a bit of a restructure, with some fares earning more in the new earnings table, and some earning less.

As with many recent changes to earning tables in other programs, the changes appear to be around a closer relationship between the ticket price and the number of point rewards.

A look at the changes

The Velocity Frequent Flyer earn tables are shown below, for both the current (Pre June) and new (Post June) earn rates. Note that you can view the earn charts on the Velocity web site.VelocityDeltaChange


At present, First and Business class tickets all earn at the same rate of 1.5 points per mile flown. With effect from 1 June, this will be more spread – depending on the actual ticket class, you could earn 2 points, 1.75 points or 1.25 points per mile flown.

Premium Economy

Premium Economy earn remains unchanged with this restructure. At present, the earn rate is 1.25 points per mile earned, and it will remain at this rate.


Moving further back in the aircraft to the economy section, we also find some changes. The most expensive economy tickets, ‘Y’,’B’ and ‘H’ class are having their earn rate reduced from 1.25 points per mile down to 1 point. The discount economy classes ‘Q’ and ‘K’ are being halved from 1 point per mile down to 0.5 points per mile, joining most of the other eligible discount economy fares.

Virgin Australia Codeshare

While these changes affect earning of booked on the Delta flight number, the changes do not affect any flights booked under a VA flight number on a Delta aircraft flight. Such bookings will continue to earn at the appropriate Virgin Australia earn rate.

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