Velocity Further extends UpgradeMe Platinum Offer


Velocity had further extended its UpgradeMe Platinum offer through to 30 June 2022. As a result, Platinum members will be able to apply their Upgrade Certificates to both Choice and Flex fares through to the end of June.

It’s a fairly generous offer – as normally you can only upgrade from the more expensive Flex fares. It is similar to a previous offer, made under the previous fare structure. The current version of the offer was slated to go through to the end of January.

Do note, however, that it does not take in all the fares available. While you can apply an upgrade to either the Choice or Flex fares, you can’t apply the certificate to the Economy Lite fares.

Using the UpgradeMe certificates

While Velocity has extended the certificate usage to Choice fares, you still use them as you normally would. That means you have to phone in your request.

So, first off, check that you have an UpgradeMe certificate available. You can check this under the ‘My Benefits’ section of the Velocity website.

If you tick that box, you can call Velocity pretty much as soon as you have booked the flight. Unfortunately, the request can’t be made online, you do have to give Velocity a call.

But you have plenty of time. You can call up until 2 hours prior to departure. After that, you can try your luck in the lounge.


It’s good to see a further extension of this offer, and it runs through to just a month short of many Platinum renewals.

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