Velocity Members can now upgrade Delta operated flights


Members of Velocity can now use their points to upgrade on Delta Airlines flights. The opportunity to upgrade

The new option is available on a number of Delta domestic and some short-haul international flights. It also extends to flights between Sydney and Los Angeles.

Having said all that – there are a number of restrictions as to how you can use your points to snare an upgrade.

Firstly, and most importantly, you will need to be travelling on the “VA” codeshare. That is, you will need to have a VA flight number on your ticket, even though you fly on a Delta aircraft. If you book on the “DL” flight number, then you won’t be able to upgrade using Velocity Points.

Secondly, there will need to be award availability in the cabin that you wish to upgrade to.  Assuming that there are awards available, you can upgrade any time up to 72 hours (3 days) before departure.

There are a few catches to be aware of. For a start, you can only book domestic flights in conjunction with an international journey. Due to marketing restrictions, you can’t just buy a VA coded domestic US flight on its own.

Some of the other rules to be aware of. You cannot waitlist for an upgrade. You are also unable to use the Velocity Platinum member upgrade certificates.

Velocity Points Upgrade on Sydney-Los Angeles flights

Let’s start by taking a look at the rules when travelling between Sydney and Los Angeles.

Firstly, It is worth noting that the rules in place for these upgrades largely mirror the rules for upgrading the equivalent Virgin Australia operated flights.

So, to be in line for an upgrade, there must be at least one passenger in the booking that is either a Velocity Gold or Velocity Platinum member.  On top of that, you’ll need to have booked an Economy Freedom or Premium Economy airfare.

If you tick all those boxes, and there are Reward Seats available, you can call the Velocity Membership Contact Centre on 13 18 75 to request the upgrade.

An upgrade from Economy Freedom or Premium Economy Saver to Business will set you back 45,000 Velocity points. This reduces to 25,000 Velocity Points if you are booked on a flexible Premium Economy ticket.

Finally, an upgrade from Economy Freedom to Premium Economy costs just 18,000 Velocity points.

Velocity Points Upgrades on other Delta routes

As with the long haul flights, you can also upgrade Delta-operated flights booked on a “VA” codeshare. As mentioned, many of these can only be booked in conjunction with a flight to/from Australia.

The rules for these upgrades are more relaxed than the rules for long haul flights. You can upgrade from pretty much any fare, and any Velocity Status will do. Even Red.

The number of points that you will require to upgrade is based on both the length of the flight and the fare you initially booked. The following table shows the ‘introductory rates’ that Velocity will use for the first six months.

Zone One-Way Miles Upgrade from Getaway Fare Upgrade from Elevate Fare Upgrade from Freedom Fare
1 0-400 5,900 5,900 3.900
2 401-600 7,900 7,900 5,900
3 601-1,100 11,900 11,900 9,900
4 1,101 – 2000 14,900 14,900 12,400
5 2,000 – 3,000 19,900 19,900 14,900


More information and full details on upgrade pricing is available on the Velocity Frequent Flyer website.


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