Velocity offering 100% Bonus Points through Points Booster


Over the next month, Velocity is offering members 100% bonus points when using the Points Booster facility. Or to put that another way, they are offering points for half price.

This is an unusually generous offer for Velocity Points. In the past, there have been offers for a 20% bonus. On that basis, in normal times this would be a good deal. The question is whether buying points a good idea now?

Promotion Details

Let’s first take a look at the promotion itself.

  • Offer: Receive 100% Bonus Points when purchasing points through Points Booster
  • Validity Dates: Points need to be purchased between 13 October and 13 November

Under the Points Booster option, you can buy up to 100,000 Velocity Points in a single purchase. Over the course of a year, you can make multiple purchases, up to 250,000 Velocity Points per year.

Should you buy?

It is an unusually good offer from Velocity. As good as it may be, remember that the idea of Points Booster is that it allows you to buy top-up points if you are short of points.

At the moment, it would be wise to stick to that principle. If you have an immediate need for points, then it may be worth looking at. I would probably steer clear of a speculative purchase for the future.

So,  that out of the way – is there value here now?

Let’s start with the price per point. If you but 100,000 points, you will get a total of 200,000 points, and that wll set you back $2,340. So 1.17 cents per point. Which in itself is not too bad.

However, I think it is only worth buying if you have something immediately in mind. When combined with the 30% off business sale, you could get some pretty decent value.

Of course, at the moment, business isn’t what business used to be. The lounges are closed, and a pot of 2 minute noodles seems to be the food offering. Having said that, pehaps if you need to travel, then there may be an opportunity here.

I wouldn’t be buying them to save for later. Speculative buying is well and truly off my list at the moment.

Head over to the Velocity landing page on to view the offer.

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