Velocity offering Economy Seats at a 30% discount


The promotions keep rolling out at Velocity. This time around, Velocity is offering discounted economy reward seats. For the next few days, you can get an economy reward for 30% fewer points than you would normally require.

30% off Economy Seats offer

Between now and 20 October, you can get Economy Reward seats and get a discount of 30% on the number of points required. While the booking period is short, you can travel any time through to 8 September 2021. That’s right – you can book for travel almost 11 months in advance.

As usual with this offer, the discount only applies to the points component. As a result, you will need to pay the full amount of any taxes or other charges.

While the time period is decent, Virgin is currently running a fairly small network at the moment. You can view your current route option on the Virgin Australia website.

It is worth keeping in mind, that more than the network has been cutback. There have been cuts to a range of service offerings. Firstly, airport lounges are currently closed. On top of that, you will find the in flight offering cutback to water and a snack.

To make your booking, head over to the Velocity website. You don’t have to do anything special, just book an Economy Reward seat, and get your discount.

Remember, that Velocity is offering Business Rewards Seats with a 30% discount. In comparison, the Business offer has a longer booking period, but you do need to travel by the end of the year.

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