Velocity offering members a share of 20 Million Points


Velocity has launched a new promotion in which they are giving away 20 million Velocity Points. The promotion is available to all Velocity members, and all you need to do is register through the Velocity App.

The prize pool will be sliced up will all participants receiving an equal number of points.

Taking Part

To take part in the promotion you will need to register through the Velocity App. If you do not have this installed, you can download the App by clicking through from here.

Once you have logged into the App, you will need to activate the offer by 26 January. You should be able to find a link to register on the home screen of the App.

And that is all there is to it.

Prize Distribution

At the end of the promotion period, Velocity will determine the number of points everyone will receive. They simply take the 20 million points and divide that by the number of entrants. That will tell you how many points you will receive.

So, some examples:

  • If all 10 million members register, everyone will get 2 points each
  • If 1 million members register, everyone will get 20 points each
  • Finally, if 500,000 members register, everyone will receive 40 points each

How many points to expect?

This is, of course, a bit of an unknown. However, we can look to the past to get an idea. In 2019, Velocity ran a similar promotion offering 10 million points. In that case, the participants all received 86 points.

The prize pool is twice as large this time, but maybe more members will participate. All up, I guess we could expect maybe something in the order of 150 points. I could, of course, be wildly wrong 🙂

Whatever the number is, expect it to be fairly small.


Velocity has run this style of promotion a few times. While the headline number is large, by the time it is distributed among the entrants, everyone ends up with a small number of points.

Still, they are pretty much free, and all you need to do is register.


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