Velocity offers Status Credits on Rewards Seats in June and July


Velocity has kicked off a new promotion offering Status Credits on Rewards Seats in June and July. Under the offer, you can collect Status Credits on Rewards seats across Australia, Trans-Tasman and International Short Haul flights.

Even better, they do not need to be new bookings. If you have already booked Reward flights for travel in June or July, you will get the status credits.

This is god news for members that have a good sum of Velocity Points stashed away. While the earn rate may not be as good as you would get on revenue fares, it does allow some earn on Reward fares.

Key Details

  • Offer: Earn Status Credits in eligible Virgin Australia flights
  • Travel Dates: Status Credits are available on Rewards Seats flown in June or July 2022.

There are two earning tables for Reward flights. The first is for Domestic flights, while there is a separate table for International Short Haul flights (including Trans Tasman)

Firstly, the domestic chart for Status Credits on Reward flights. The domestic chart is the same as it was in the previous promotion.


One-way Miles (Zones) Economy Reward Business Reward
1 – 600 (Zone 1) 5 15
601 – 1,200 (Zone 2) 7 20
1,201 – 2,400 (Zone 3) 10 30

This time around, there is also a chart for Short-Haul international and Trans-Tasman flights. This reflects the growth on the new Virgin Australia network, which had now expanded beyond domestic services.

Trans-Tasman and International Short Haul

One-way Miles (Zones) Economy Reward Business Reward
1 – 750 (Zone 1) 7 15
751 – 1,500 (Zone 2) 15 30
1,501 – 3,000 (Zone 3) 20 35
3,001 – 20,000 (Zone 4) 25 45


Velocity ran a similar promotion late for six months between October 2021 and March 2022. While they had previously extended the offer of up to double status credits, the offer for status credits on Reward flights finished on schedule.

The good news for those with existing bookings, is that the change is retrospective. So, there is no need to cancel and rebook any flight.

Further information may be found on the Velocity website.


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