Velocity Status Credit Earning Changes – Jan 2017


Velocity have announced Status Credit earning changes for flights on Virgin Australia. The changes, which take effect from January 30, 2017, could see members earning as few as 5 Status Credits per flight when flying domestically.

The changes to earning are coming as part of the  changes to the fare structure the Virgin Australia announced last month. At the time, there was little detail available as to how the changes would affect Velocity members. While the fare structure changes come into place on September 7, the changes being made to the earnings on domestic flights will not come into effect until next year.

Status Credit Earning Changes

Under the new earnings tables, the domestic and international charts have been split. There is now one chart for domestic flights, while the International flights are under their own earnings table.

Domestic Changes

The following chart shows the way the fare classes align in the new and old fare families. Restricted Economy is the category used for the Getaway fares. As can be seen, if you book in the lowest fare classes then you will be worse off. However, bookings in any other fare class will see you earning the same or even more Status Credits.

Zone Miles Fare Class New Family Old Family Old Earn New Earn
1 0-750 TSM Restricted Economy Discount Economy 10 5
ENVQG Discount Economy Discount Economy 10 15
YBHKL Economy Full Fare 20 25
I Business Saver Business 40 50
JCD Business Business 40 55
2 751-1,500 TSM Restricted Economy Discount Economy 15 10
ENVQG Discount Economy Discount Economy 15 20
YBHKL Economy Full Fare 30 30
I Business Saver Business 60 60
JCD Business Business 60 70
Zone 3 1,501+ TSM Restricted Economy Discount Economy 20 15
ENVQG Discount Economy Discount Economy 20 30
YBHKL Economy Full Fare 40 45
I Business Saver Business 80 90
JCD Business Business 80 105


International Changes

For international flights, the new chart largely mirrors the existing earnings table. The main change is that for long haul, the ‘L’ class fare is being reclassified as discount economy, although it remains as Economy for Trans-Tasman and Short Haul International.

Other Changes

Status Bonus

At present silver, gold and plainum members of Velocity receive bonus points based on their status when flying on Virgin Australia. As from 30 January 2017, the bonus will be removed when flying on a Domestic Getaway fare. It will remain for all other fare type.

Fly Ahead

From 1 December 2016, the abilty to request a Fly Ahead will be removed as an option for Platinum and Gold members. It will remain in place for all other fares.



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