Virgin offers free food on all domestic flights


Virgin Australia has announced that it will be offering a complimentary food and drink offering to all passengers on domestic flights from today. All economy passengers, from the cheapest sale fare through to the more expensive flexi fares will now have a food item offered to them. The actual offering is said to be “tailored to the time of day and the duration of the journey” on all domestic services.

The rollout of free food on all flights is the latest step as the carrier moves closer toward being a full service carrier. This has included the recent move to including luggage in the price of all domestic tickets.

Complimentary beverages (tea, coffee, orange juice) have been available across the network for some time, with complimentary snacks on selected services. The latest move brings consistency across the network, bringing food to all routes.

If the complimentary offering doesn’t satisfy, then there will still be the ability to purchase extra items on board.


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