About Fly Stay Points

I like to travel, and to do it in comfort. Fitting in the middle, not a backpacker, or a business traveller. I want value in my travel – to travel in as much comfort as I can, for as little as I can.

Travel is not free, and sometimes, it’s not even cheap – but there are ways to improve both the quality and the quantity of your travel. This site is dedicated to that – finding ways to make the most of your travel, whether that is by making your travel cheaper, or allowing you to travel in more luxury than you’d otherwise expect.

Fly Stay Points is a Web site dedicated to travel. It’s not so much about the places we visit, it’s more about how we get around and where we stay. Finding the best deals. Using travel loyalty program to improve your travel experience.


We keep a keen eye out for offers from the airlines. We highlight the best deals, help find the best prices, and keep an eye out for point earning opportunities.


Hotels are competitive. There is an almost constant stream of deals and offers from hotel providers. There are discount offers, and there are bonus offers in the loyalty programs


Helping you fly and stay better are the loyalty programs.  Yes, they are a marketing program, but used correctly, they can make your travel cheaper, they can make your travel better. But you need to find the best deals, and know what is best for you.

Fly Stay Points

With that in mind, Fly Stay Points sets out to

  1. Highlight good deals on airlines, in hotels, and elsewhere
  2. Provide information on how to use loyalty programs to improve your travel,
  3. Highlight the best offers around for earning or burning your points
  4. Highlight credit card deals and products that can help improve your travel
  5. Provide updates on new products and changes that may affect your travel


Unless otherwise stated, all travel related activities on the blog are self funded. As such, all airline and hotel reviews on this site are done without the knowledge of travel providers.

In order to help pay for expenses incurred, income may be derived as follows:

The first is with the advertisements you see on various pages and posts. These advertisements are provided through the Google Adsense program, and generally, I do not influence or control in what ads are shown.

The second mechanism is through earning commissions on certain products or services on this site. Outbound links where I earn a commission will be clearly labelled as such.