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IHG revamps PointBreaks – more properties and maybe more points

Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali

IHG Rewards has released a preview of its latest PointBreaks list. Under the PointBreaks program, IHG offer a range of Award rooms at a heavily discounted rate. Historically, this has been 5,000 points per night, but in the latest round they are offering the rooms at three different points levels.

In order to offer an increased range of properties, IHG have introduced three point levels. Hotels will now have rooms available at the 5,000, 10,000 or 15,000 points level. IHG Rewards have said that this will allow them to offer a greater range of hotels. In addition, IHG Rewards will for the first time, offer Points + Cash Bookings on PointBreaks Hotels.

There is no doubt that in recent times the quality of hotels on the PointBreaks list has been decreasing. And, for those of us in Australia, there have often been no properties at all to speak of.

IHG have released a preview of the hotels that will be available on its blog. While this has a limited range of properties showing, IHG are promising that the new list will have 200 properties available.


Points Levels

As mentioned, Pointbreaks will be moving to three distinct points levels 5,000, 10,000 and 15,000 points. In overall terms, that represents a tripling of price for properties that will come in at 15,000 points.  Having said that, it may allow properties that would never have been on the 5,000 points list at least being made available for some discount. For example, it may allow more Intercontinental Hotels to feature on the list

Examples of hotels at the various levels are as follows:

Samples of IHG hotels for 5,000 points

Samples of IHG hotels for 10,000 points

Samples of IHG hotels for 15,000 points

Points + Cash

In tandem with the increased Points Levels, IHG Rewards will be introducing Points + Cash options on PointBreaks bookings. This will allow you to use cash to pay for either 5,000 or 10,000 points to put towards a PointBreaks booking.

It was probably inevitable for the changes to be made to PointBreaks. If the promotion was to survive, it needed some changes. Hopefully, the changes that have been made will see the offer live on for some time to come.

When the full list becomes available of Monday, we will have a new post up taking a look at the latest round.

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