Buying Alaska Mileage Plan Miles -Up to 40% bonus


The Alaska Mileage Plan bonus has returned as a flash sale. Under the offer, you could be in line for a bonus as high as 40%. To find which offer you have, simply log into your account. (Note – Point sales are hosted by

You will need to be quick. It is a flash sale, and you have until March 16 to purchase tour points.

The main interest in the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan is its collection of redemption partners. While it is not in any of the major alliances, it has put together an impressive range of airline partners. For example, you can redeem points on airlines including the likes of Qantas, Cathay Pacific,  Japan Airlines and Emirates.

The presence of Qantas and Cathay Pacific in the list can make for some interesting opportunities for those of us in Australia. It becomes more interesting when you realise just how cheaply you can end up getting some redemptions for. When they add a bonus into the mix, it can really get tempting.

Buying Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Miles

Alaska Airlines sell miles year round, and run bonus offers on and off during the year. While there is no real limit to the number of points you can buy, although you can only buy up to 60,000 points at a time.

There is a limit on how many times you can use the same credit card. As the moment, any given credit card can be used a maximum of four times during the year.

The other main limitation is that you can only buy points once you have had the account for ten days. So, sometimes, you need to plan ahead a little.

The current bonus round offers a tiered bonus, with most members receiving something similar to the following:

  • 10,000 – 19,000 miles = 20% bonus
  • 20,000 – 49,000 miles = 35% bonus
  • 49,000 – 60,000 miles = 40% (or 50%) bonus

Alaska Airlines sells its miles at the rate of $27.50 (US) per 1,000 points. On top of that, there are some additional taxes to pay. To maximise the benefit of the current offer, you can buy 60,000 points for $1650 USD (+ tax brings it to $1773.75). Adding the bonus points on, you end up with 84,000 points, which works out to about 2.1 US cents per points.

Alaska Purchase Points

Alaska Purchase Points

What can you do with the points?

Well, you’ve bought them, so now to spend them. One big advantage of Alaska Miles is it can open up some decent overall prices on premium seats. But be aware, some awards are hard to come buy, so be cautious about speculatively buying points.

That said, what are some good options?

(Not that the following exclude some additional fees and charges that may be applicable)

First up, a transcontinental flight in business class can be a good option. An east-west trip in business on the A330 can be had for Alaska Miles. This works out to about $420 US dollars.

Or take a trip up to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific. A business class redemption can be had for 30,000 Alaska Miles, which you can pick up for $633.

If first class is your thing, then maybe a trip across to Los Angeles. In Qantas First this will cost 70,000 Alaska Miles. That works out to a little under $1500 USD

All that said, it is finding award flights that can often be the hard part of the operation here. If you are prepared to be flexible and do a bit of research, there are some good deals to be had with this offer.



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