Rex shows of its new 737 Business Class Dining


In just a few days Rex begins its new flights between Sydney and Brisbane. Today, they took to social media giving us a peek at their Business Class meal offerings.

At first glance, it is quite obvious they are not taking on Qantas in the meal stakes. Having said that, it is still a notch above the snack box that Virgin Australia is currently offering. To be fair to Virgin though, they are promising a relaunch of their Business product in the near future.

The Rex Business Meal

If you’re looking for a plated meal with linen table cloths, you won’t find them at Rex. What you will find is a cardboard meal tray. In addition, other items are said to be 100% recyclable.

On the food itself, Rex is promising the flavours of home-style cooking. They also state they will be offering weekly menus based on offerings from gourmet suppliers. These include artisan cheeses from Bruny Island and Gippsland, Tasmanian smoked salmon, and hand-made desserts.

On the wine front, Rex will be offering wines from small boutique vineyards.


Rex has clearly got its sights on the value market with this offering. Which is reasonable at the price point it has been offering some of its fares at.

While they are clearly not aiming to emulate Qantas, they could be in the same place as Virgin Australia. While Virgin has not yet outlined its Business offering, I expect it to be somewhere between the Rex product and the Qantas product. Probably closer to Rex than Qantas, but still a small step up from Rex. And certainly a big step up from their current snack boxes.

We’ll find out soon.

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